Study, Snow + Shanghai

Wow! What a busy couple of months it has been!

I celebrated my 25th birthday on the 28th of July (hello fellow Leos!) and was absolutely spoiled by all my friends, family and my beautiful partner Nick.

I also attended a few furnishing and décor exhibitions as part of my role as Editor at Furnishing International. I absolutely love discovering new businesses and the faces behind the brands. This very rewarding role will now see me head to Shanghai, China in September – a nerve-racking yet exciting prospect as it will be my first time travelling alone. Any tips or tricks from anyone who has travelled to China, please feel free to comment below to educate this rookie! My visa has been granted, flights booked and accommodation sorted. All that’s left is to pack!


Many tried to discourage me from embarking on a career in journalism however I am now thankful that I stayed true to my passion. If it were not for my qualifications and position in this role, I may not have otherwise had the opportunity to travel to Shanghai and explore a new city.

I was saddened to have lost my one year anniversary gift from Nick on the way home from one of the Melbourne furnishing exhibitions however. A beautiful fine chain necklace, which must have somehow broken and fallen from around my neck on the train ride home. I was absolutely devastated by this – but I am now slowly coming to terms with the fact that I will not be able to retrieve it. As Nick loves to say, ‘it is, what it is!’

I also went to the snow for the very first time and absolutely loved it! We couldn’t have picked a day with better conditions – sunny blue skies and fresh, fluffy snow in plentiful amounts. Check out some pictures below:

My crystal healing course has also been going well. I am very much enjoying learning about how to practically help people by using crystals and by adopting healthy lifestyle habits. My Instagram and this associated blog will now be geared towards all the things I love more so. You’ll get to read and see inspiration for all the good stuff – yoga, meditation, crystals and self-care.


On a final note, I have also been keeping busy with the launch of my very own copywriting and social media business. Be sure to check out for all the details!


Love and light everyone,
– you’ll be seeing a lot more of me on here!

X Cat

Study, Snow + Shanghai

2017 – Be Here Now


HAPPY NEW YEAR PEEPS! Welcome to 2017! I’m sure many of you are settling back into your work routines after a well-deserved Summer break! For me, although I am again unemployed, the hard work is only just beginning! Let me explain…

Towards the end of last year you would have noticed that my posts became less frequent, both on this blog and on my Instagram. The truth is, after jumping off my medication, my anxiety relapsed and I’ve been struggling to cope. My focus was to get through the last couple of months remaining at my job and utilise the summer break to work on myself, to try and better manage the anxiety. Of course, if it were that easy, a magical cure would exist out there for everyone struggling to cope and we could all be on the mend after a few short weeks.

– So I guess the hard work is just starting for me.


To make things worse, the lead up to Christmas was nothing short of a nightmare. My mum had to have surgery after discovering a lump on her thyroid. It was not cancerous and all would have been fine had she not contracted an infection which saw her readmitted into hospital. Meanwhile, our beloved cat, Puss, had been eating less and less over a two week period. He had become skin and bone, and initial trips to the vet concluded that it may have been cat flu. No less than a day after mum getting discharged, the vet called and broke the horrible news. Puss had lymphoma. We had to put him down as his condition was worsening.


So as you can imagine, with only two days until Christmas – our family was in absolute turmoil. We were all emotional wrecks and the last thing on my mind was to take care of myself. I was just trying to get through each day. I think we all were.

So anyway, here we are – the 18th of January and only just beginning my journey towards better health. This is what I plan to do.

  • Meditate every single day – even if it’s only for five minutes before bed.
  • Get back into yoga – I started my first class in a few months yesterday and boy did it feel good!
  • Exercise – for ages I’ve been saying that I need to strengthen up – now that I’m not working gives me both the time and the energy.
  • I love this blog – it’s my form of therapy so while I have the time I’ll be utilising it as much as I can.
  • Anxiety online course: Aside from seeing my therapist, I have decided to take an online course aimed at helping you manage your anxiety.
  • Stick to the medication – back on the meds and not planning on jumping off any time soon. And I’m cool with that. I no longer want to feel embarrassed being on this medication. The stigma surrounding being on anti-depressants is slowly dying as more and more people require the assistance. If you can do it on your own – all power to you! We’re not all built the same.


For now, these are my main goals that I have committed myself to. I don’t know if they will work, and past experience has shown me that ups and downs are completely normal and to be expected. I’m at the point where I may even consider hypnotherapy in the near future. I am totally committed to trying my best to combat this. If it works – GREAT! If not, I will not have any regrets or guilt, because at least I can say I tried.

I think that’s enough word vomit for today. There’s still a big aspect of my life that I need to update you all on, given this blog was spawned out of heartbreak, love and loss. Amidst all of the struggles, ‘It’s all in a hug’ guy, also known as Nick – has stood by me through thick and thin. Many of my posts surrounded the ability to love again, and I’m happy to say that this is a reality that has come true for me. Nick and I are all coupled up and even went on a little trip to Byron Bay together which I will elaborate on in a future post. Never have I dated someone who knows the extent of my anxiety as he does. Where most would run away out of fear or difficulty, he continues to help me grow and overcome it. In his own words, ‘we’re in this together.’


There’s a little insight into us – more on that, next time! Stay tuned kids 😉

Love & Light,

X Cat.

2017 – Be Here Now

Discovering my life purpose


Rebecca Campbell’s Light is the New Black was given to me as Christmas present last year by my sister. I have just completed reading it and can honestly say that throughout the course of reading, I recommended the book to about five of my friends. Her words are very inspiring and really resonated with every fiber of my being. She writes as though she is speaking directly to you – woman, to woman – and her inner light permeates the pages. I believe we can all learn how to be true to our authentic selves and she encourages us to do so in the pursuit of spiritual ‘enlightenment’. I excitedly await Rebecca’s second book, due to hit shelves later this year – Rise Sister Rise.


You know that niggling feeling you get sometimes? The feeling that you should be doing something more with your life than what you’re currently doing? Well, that feeling will never leave you unless you are true to your authentic self. As Rebecca puts it, whether you want to be a singer, a writer, an artist, or whatever it is you want to do, do not wait for someone to give you permission to do it. You are avoiding your authentic self by denying who you are. If you want to be a singer – you already are. Same goes if you are a writer, an artist or whatever your heart desires. You don’t need anyone’s validation because you simply already are. Do not do it for the followers or the likes, do it for you, regardless of the outcome. This is the only way to be true to your authentic self and spread your light like wildfire.

Rebecca recounts a past life regression in which she was transported back to the time, right before she entered this lifetime. Here, she was given her own personal life mission from what she describes as The Councils of Light.

“I was taken to a massive, open, very bright and white space where many other souls were gathering too. While I could not see other ‘people,’ I could see and feel their energy as balls of buzzing, glowing white light…It was like the best reunion you could possibly imagine,” she writes.

What I read next absolutely blew my mind and resonated with my soul so deeply, that it was in this moment I realised what I was put on this Earth to do. It was in this moment I realised my life purpose.


Suddenly, everything made sense. Why I so passionately perused the field of journalism. Why I had to meet my ex and experience severe heartbreak in order to awaken me from my slumber and begin my blog. That this sequence of events was already written for me so I too, could follow what lights me up, and in doing so, light up the world around me. And it just so happens that I’ve noticed a chain reaction of spiritual awakening around me, in which new people I meet discuss deep and meaningful matters, people come to me for advice on healing and those previously in my life continue to have these discussions with me. And it’s all thanks to my awakening, and the discovery of my life purpose – to help others heal by sharing my own journey, and by relaying important information from experts in the field.

I recently had a reading by Tala Scott at a psychic and wellbeing expo – and she validated this for me. I can’t tell you the immense relief I feel knowing that I have discovered the path which gives me utmost joy. And while it may not pay the bills for now, I write because it lights me up, regardless of the outcome. I have full faith that I can manifest my truest belief, that my life purpose will support me in all aspects within this lifetime.

I want to share more information from Light is the New Black in another post, as Rebecca makes some beautiful points about being true to your authentic self. There is no doubt that this book was meant land in my hands, just as you were meant to be reading this right now. I highly suggest getting yourself a copy of the book but for now, I will leave you with my story and the connection I had to this particular page. Perhaps you were one of the souls at The Councils of Light too?

For daily, thoughtful inspiration, follow Rebecca on Instagram @rebeccathoughts.



Discovering my life purpose