Crystal Castle & Shambhala Gardens


All you crystal junkies out there, listen up! If you have never been to Byron Bay before, what I’m about to show you will BLOW YOUR MIND!

The Crystal Castle & Shambhala Gardens are located about 30 minutes away from Byron Bay in the town of Mullumbimby.

FUN FACT: Iggy Azalea was originally from Mullumbimby.

DOUBLE FUN FACT: Iggy Azalea’s actual birth name is Amethyst!

Well how bout dat, COINCIDENCE? I think NOT!

Crystal Castle is basically a theme park for all spiritual / crystal lovers out there. If you’re not open minded or into this kind of thing, save yourself the $28 entry fee. I understand it’s not for everyone. Wish I could say the same for me, but we all know that I loved every minute of it and walked away with $200 worth of crystals (special mention goes to Nick for the early Christmas present). Hi, my name is Catherine and I’m a crystal-holic. Don’t judge.

Ok, I promised myself not to ramble on with this post, I’d rather bombard you with beautiful pictures so you can all see the tranquillity and beauty of this place for yourselves. Make sure to visit if you’re ever in the area!

img_6152Crystal Guardians: World’s tallest geodes standing at 5.5m tall and weighing 20 tonnes.

  Rose quartz: Feeling the love.

Flower up: Garden walks.

The Castle: How’s the serenity?

Om: World Peace Stupa.

Happy place: Crystals.

Oh Look!: More Crystals!


Who dat, who dat?: Amethyst Cave.


Last but not least: cash me outside in the bamboo reeds. So zen.

Hope you all enjoyed the humour and happy snaps within this post!

Remember to laugh & love this week.

Until next time,
Love & Light –

x Cat.

Crystal Castle & Shambhala Gardens

2017 – Be Here Now


HAPPY NEW YEAR PEEPS! Welcome to 2017! I’m sure many of you are settling back into your work routines after a well-deserved Summer break! For me, although I am again unemployed, the hard work is only just beginning! Let me explain…

Towards the end of last year you would have noticed that my posts became less frequent, both on this blog and on my Instagram. The truth is, after jumping off my medication, my anxiety relapsed and I’ve been struggling to cope. My focus was to get through the last couple of months remaining at my job and utilise the summer break to work on myself, to try and better manage the anxiety. Of course, if it were that easy, a magical cure would exist out there for everyone struggling to cope and we could all be on the mend after a few short weeks.

– So I guess the hard work is just starting for me.


To make things worse, the lead up to Christmas was nothing short of a nightmare. My mum had to have surgery after discovering a lump on her thyroid. It was not cancerous and all would have been fine had she not contracted an infection which saw her readmitted into hospital. Meanwhile, our beloved cat, Puss, had been eating less and less over a two week period. He had become skin and bone, and initial trips to the vet concluded that it may have been cat flu. No less than a day after mum getting discharged, the vet called and broke the horrible news. Puss had lymphoma. We had to put him down as his condition was worsening.


So as you can imagine, with only two days until Christmas – our family was in absolute turmoil. We were all emotional wrecks and the last thing on my mind was to take care of myself. I was just trying to get through each day. I think we all were.

So anyway, here we are – the 18th of January and only just beginning my journey towards better health. This is what I plan to do.

  • Meditate every single day – even if it’s only for five minutes before bed.
  • Get back into yoga – I started my first class in a few months yesterday and boy did it feel good!
  • Exercise – for ages I’ve been saying that I need to strengthen up – now that I’m not working gives me both the time and the energy.
  • I love this blog – it’s my form of therapy so while I have the time I’ll be utilising it as much as I can.
  • Anxiety online course: Aside from seeing my therapist, I have decided to take an online course aimed at helping you manage your anxiety.
  • Stick to the medication – back on the meds and not planning on jumping off any time soon. And I’m cool with that. I no longer want to feel embarrassed being on this medication. The stigma surrounding being on anti-depressants is slowly dying as more and more people require the assistance. If you can do it on your own – all power to you! We’re not all built the same.


For now, these are my main goals that I have committed myself to. I don’t know if they will work, and past experience has shown me that ups and downs are completely normal and to be expected. I’m at the point where I may even consider hypnotherapy in the near future. I am totally committed to trying my best to combat this. If it works – GREAT! If not, I will not have any regrets or guilt, because at least I can say I tried.

I think that’s enough word vomit for today. There’s still a big aspect of my life that I need to update you all on, given this blog was spawned out of heartbreak, love and loss. Amidst all of the struggles, ‘It’s all in a hug’ guy, also known as Nick – has stood by me through thick and thin. Many of my posts surrounded the ability to love again, and I’m happy to say that this is a reality that has come true for me. Nick and I are all coupled up and even went on a little trip to Byron Bay together which I will elaborate on in a future post. Never have I dated someone who knows the extent of my anxiety as he does. Where most would run away out of fear or difficulty, he continues to help me grow and overcome it. In his own words, ‘we’re in this together.’


There’s a little insight into us – more on that, next time! Stay tuned kids 😉

Love & Light,

X Cat.

2017 – Be Here Now

Numerology and YOU



Have you ever noticed how certain numbers find a way of reoccurring in your life? You look at the time and its 2:22. You glance at the temperature in your car and its 22.2 degrees. You then jump on Facebook and realise that your latest selfie has 222 likes. And did I mention the date happened to be the 22nd of the 2nd? OK – hold up, what is going on here? This can’t all be just a coincidence?

The truth is, every number has a meaning and their reoccurrence can often be a sign from the angels above. Alright relax, I won’t get too airy fairy – but the reoccurrence of any number, name, animal or any symbol in your life for that matter, are known as synchronicities.


The concept of synchronicity was first explained by psychiatrist Carl Jung, and it refers to certain events as “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship, yet seem to be meaningfully related.


Personally, the numbers 3 and 13 have often popped up within my life to the point where I am no longer surprised if I am seated at table number 13 or my seat number at a concert is the number 33. I also quite often come across 11:11. My life path number also happens to be the number 11. I wanted to find out more about the meaning of numerology and how it can help us within our lives. I spoke to numerologist, Doreen Van Boxtel from Sunz and Moonz Oracle about how numbers can affect us.

Doreen describes numerology as being the science of numbers in which every number has a meaning.

“It explains what our life contract is that we made before we were born, but not everyone believes in reincarnation. For those that do believe, numerology can be used as a tool to help us in our life,” she says.

“Pythagoras is the father of mathematics and is believed to have seen patterns and cycles in numbers and developed numerology. Numerology analyses the name to reveal the personality of the person. Numerology is also used to predict future cycles and transits using the name and date of birth. You can also use numerology for business names and your personal address.”


Doreen believes that the most important number to work out for yourself is your life path number as it explains what you are here to learn in this incarnation and it works to guide you in the right direction.

To work out your life path number you must add all the digits in your birth date together. Start by converting the month, day, and birth year to single digits and add them together. The exception to this rule is with the ‘Master Numbers’ 11 and 22. These numbers are not converted to single digits. The total sum is further reduced by adding the remaining digits together until a single digit is obtained, with exception to the master numbers.

Example: If you were born on October 12th 1936.

Month: October is the 10th month of the year. 10 reduces to (1 + 0 = 1)
Day: Date of birth is the 12th which reduces to (1 + 2 = 3)
Year: 1936 reduces to (1 + 9 + 3 + 6 = 19) (1 + 9 = 10) (1 + 0 = 1)
Add the single digit numbers – (1 + 3 + 1 = 5)
The life path number is 5.

For the meaning of your life path number, please enter your birth date in the calculator, here.

So how can our own personal numerology affect our relationships, particularly with our partners and lovers?

“If we know about numerology, it can help us become aware of the personality traits, life path and cycles in their life – and determine whether we are compatible or not,” says Doreen.

“It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be with that person, it just means whether it will be an easy or a challenging relationship.”

Doreen uses the example of knowing that your partner is a natural born leader in life. If we know this through the composition of their numerological birth chart, we can assume that they won’t do too well taking orders. Similarly, someone who is sensitive and kind will not behave in an aggressive or domineering manner.

You should also be aware of what cycle your partner is going through, explains Doreen.

“Forewarned is forearmed. Everyone has their own decisions to make in life, so it is up to each person how they are going to react to each cycle or situation. Everyone has free will.”


In regards to using numerology post a break up, Doreen believes that it is best used as an indicator of what actions to take in the future. “There again you still have free will, nothing is written in stone. If you see an ending of something coming in the future, such as a job or relationship, you can take steps to change it if you feel you don’t really want the change.”

What about those reoccurring numbers I mentioned earlier? What on Earth do they mean?

“These are messages for the person receiving them, especially if it is their life path number. It could indicate that they are on the right path. It is also to make them become aware of the numbers and search for their meaning, in order to answer some of their questions they are seeking at the time they are receiving the numbers,” explains Doreen.


Doreen says that often, people will seek a numerologist to help answer some universal questions. “Why am I here? Who am I? Where will life take me in the future? Am I going to be more successful in the future or struggle all my life?”

“Every number in Numerology has positive and negative aspects. There is no best number or worst number to have in your birthday or name. Every number has lessons to overcome. I personally learned numerology to help me understand my four children. I knew I couldn’t change them but if I could understand them through numerology, it would make my life a bit easier,” says Doreen.


So there you have it, an insight to how numbers can affect your life. It pays to be aware of not only any patterns and synchronicities that are occurring, but also to know your own numerological chart. Knowing the positive and negative aspects of our predestined numerological fate can help us to face and overcome life challenges, as well as assert and encourage the growth of our positivities.

Doreen Van Boxtel is a Reiki/Seichim Master Teacher, Psychic, Numerologist and Crystal Healer.
She is located at Sunz and Moonz Oracle in Craigieburn, Victoria. To book a consultation please email // or call 0415558425. For more information visit the Sunz and Moonz Oracle website.



Numerology and YOU