Meditation for kids with Smiling Mind!


Smiling Mind was live on The Today Show yesterday morning with 11-year-old Willow talking about bringing her latest idea to life: movie characters and meditation.

Since beginning to meditate consistently on a daily basis two months ago, I have found the Smiling Mind app to be a very valuable tool. Their guided meditations offer an array of helpful calming sessions, including sleep meditations, body scans, short 5 minute sessions and longer 30 minute sessions.

Now, they’re helping children meditate too, often speaking to many school students about the importance of mindfulness. Yesterday, young Willow’s idea came to life – coinciding with the release of the Trolls DVD.

Listen to Smiling Mind’s latest meditation collaboration with DreamWorks Animation & 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment below:

Meditation for kids with Smiling Mind!