This week our community was rocked by the murder of 19 year old teenager, Patrick Cronin.


Patrick was out at a bar with mates when a fight broke out. He was coward punched while trying to help a friend who was caught in the crossfire of the fight. The friends went home, and it was throughout the night they realised something was terribly wrong with Patrick. An ambulance was called and he was put on life support. His family, left with the unbearable task of turning his life support off. They kindly donated his organs, and a 33 year old man has been charged with his murder.

All too often we hear these stories, of one-hit punches and king hits that destroy people’s lives in a matter of seconds. I’m sure most of us will remember the David Cassai case.

But when it happens so close to home, the community in which I live – it affects you all the more and it really causes you to think about the unpredictability of life. You see, I went to high school with Patrick’s sister, and I remember her younger brothers being in primary school during the time I knew her. Little did we know that 10 or so years later, she would be mourning the murder of her baby brother. Senselessly taken away by an ego-driven idiot, who decided to pick a fight and cowardly hit Patrick from behind. Never do we imagine that those closest to us will be taken away from us so suddenly.


Patrick had his whole life ahead of him and what has happened to the Cronin family is unfair and unjust. It truly hits home – that this could happen to any of our friends, brothers or boyfriends. It’s scary to think we live in a world where people are prone to acting on instantaneous emotion, rather than thinking twice about the consequences of their potential actions.

All it takes is a split second to ruin the lives of many, and it’s something that most people will struggle to overcome.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Cronin family during this difficult time. It absolutely broke my heart watching them speak on the news last night. Things are still so raw, and the healing journey for those closest to Patrick will be long.



For anyone dealing with a loss, it is important to remember that everyone has different coping methods when it comes to dealing with grief. There will be highs, and there will be lows. Feel everything that you need to feel and be patient of yourself and of those around you. Take comfort in the fact that this isn’t the end of their life, it is the beginning of their new one and they are certainly your guardian angel – protecting and guiding you while you are still in this lifetime. As always, take notice of the messages and symbols that they send you, it’s their way of showing you that they’re still here with you.  It may be a feather, or a number, or their scent, or their favourite flower. Be more attune to your environment because your loved ones will still communicate with you.

crystal tears

This week has certainly given me some perspective on the sanctity of life. Appreciate your loved ones while you still can. All too often we take them for granted, and we never expect a goodbye to be the last goodbye.

Lots of love to everyone going through a difficult time at the moment – sending light your way.

X Cat