Look good, feel good Friday’s – 19/2/16

Please excuse my slack ass for not doing one of these for a while. Trust me, I’m quite often all dolled up – it’s finding a personal photographer at any given moment which constantly proves to be difficult!

Nevertheless, I’m committed to the cause that is LGFGF’s, so I promise to make more of an effort to get my act together and take some happy snaps!

Today I’m featuring an outfit I wore on Valentines Day. A couple of friends of mine decided it might be a nice idea to go out for lunch, some cocktails and a movie – since we are all single. I must admit, it was my first Valentines Day in many years in which I was single and I actually had the BEST time.

As a side note, (I know I’m getting off track) – I carried this beautiful rose quartz crystal with me on the day and it brought me an abundance of happiness, love and joy.


But More on crystals later… (hint hint – future post).

My girlfriend described my outfit as very Parisian, I’ll thank the skirt for that. I felt very girly and flirty in this little number and the red lippy, as always, lifted my spirits like you wouldn’t believe! Just the perfect combination for V-day!

Enjoy lovers! x






Top: Bardot

Skirt: The Bronze Snake

Shoes: Diana Ferrari

Inspo behind LGFGF’s: I have always enjoyed splurging on a new outfit every now and again and I now have good reason to. As my therapist noted, you could be feeling crappy and down but try make the effort to get out of bed, wash your face, dress in an outfit that makes you feel great and smack on that coloured lippy. The simple process of staying active by getting ready works wonders for your mental health. There’s no doubt that when you look good, you tend to feel good so I’ve dubbed my Friday’s as such.

Look good, feel good Friday’s – 19/2/16

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