Picture this:

You’re dreading getting out of bed and facing the day. You just want to sleep through the next 24 hours, but you’re kinda hungry – and you’re not you when you’re hungry. So you drag your sorry ass downstairs to find your mum chillin’ on her phone, totally oblivious to the fact that THERE’S A BIRD HOPPING AROUND THE DINING TABLE.

So I’m all like, ‘Yo mum there’s a bird in the house,’ And she’s like ‘What?’ *looks at me like I’m on drugs.*

What happens next can only be described as all hell breaking loose. The dog starts chasing the bird around the table. Then the cat tries to get involved – which we all know could only end in disaster – so I quickly pick him up and lock him in the laundry. Meanwhile mum is chasing and yelling at the dog while the dog is chasing and barking at the squeaky bird. The bird is flying into the Windows and shitting EVERYWHERE.

We finally get a hold of the dog and the bird eventually hops out the door. It took a good 20 minutes of chaos and its not exactly how I anticipated starting the day, but f**k did I need it!

Universe, thank you for pulling through and providing the laughs knowing that today would be a difficult day for me. It was a nice reminder that it’s okay to be free and not caged on this day.

Just like the bird, I’ll hopefully get over the trauma, heal and find my wings again.


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