Two steps forward, one step back


In my last post I touched on the fact that my anxiety had flared up again. The truth is, I don’t deal with rejection very well.

So what happens when the new guy you were seeing for 3 months (who was totally into you, by the way) decides to friend-zone you just before you’re meant to be finishing up at your current job? – A recipe for disaster – that’s what!

Truth be told, I had some walls up as a result of the breakdown of my previous relationship. This wasn’t fair on him, and it wasn’t fair on me to deny what I was truly feeling. While I won’t go into details about our current situation, for now, he has decided that being friends is the best thing for the both of us. It’s hard, but I’m respecting that.

The good news is, once you’ve hit rock bottom (for me, the year that was 2015), you’re aware of a place that you refuse to let yourself go back to. While my anxiety and panic attacks did flare up, my condition was not as bad as I had experienced last year. I attribute this to learning many coping mechanisms through my healing journey and in speaking to my therapist.

Should you find your anxiety is on the rise due to a stressful period in your life, consider the following:

  1. Take a couple of days to cry, be sad and feel what you are feeling.
  2. Only let yourself be in this state for 3 days – max!
  3. Get out of bed, wash your face, pick an outfit that makes you feel amazing.
  4. Keep busy – go to work, invest your time and energy in the hobbies that interest you, keep your mind active.
  5. Eat well – stick to meats and veggies – treat your body as though you have a cold. If your anxiety causes you to struggle to eat in those initial days, stick to keeping your fluids up, drink lots of water and what I found helpful was eating icy-poles. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with dry crackers.

Soon enough, you should find that those anxious feelings will subside. I also recommend meditating and learning to control your breathing in those initial moments of panic. This is something I am still learning to manage myself – and at times, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Often, people will tell me to ‘get a grip’ – oh, if only it were that easy my friend, I wouldn’t have anxiety to begin with! Logically, we know that our panic and worry is silly but it’s difficult to switch our thoughts off, especially for those of us who are intellects.

I was sent an inspiring video on worry last week, which really put my thoughts into perspective. Be mindful of your thoughts, as we only manifest what we continually tell ourselves. Check it out below!



Two steps forward, one step back

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