Look good, feel good Friday’s – 8/1/16

So I have been MIA for a few days due to some things going on in my life at the moment. Unfortunately my anxiety has relapsed and I began having panic attacks again. I will feature another post elaborating more on this, but for now I’d love to share the outfit I wore today to lift my spirits.

I’d like to start by saying that the colour red certainly makes a difference to your mood and ambience. Historically, red has been used to signify royalty or those who hold power. No wonder you feel like a bad ass bitch when you pop on a red dress or red lippy!

Today also marks the second last day at my job – a further nerve racking change brewing.

My advice:

✔️ Get Up

✔️ Dress Up

✔️ Show Up

✔️ & Never Give Up

No excuses! 🙂


Dress: Corner Closet (St Kilda)

Shoes: Diana Ferrari

Inspo behind LGFGF’s: I have always enjoyed splurging on a new outfit every now and again and I now have good reason to. As my therapist noted, you could be feeling crappy and down but try make the effort to get out of bed, wash your face, dress in an outfit that makes you feel great and smack on that coloured lippy. The simple process of staying active by getting ready works wonders for your mental health. There’s no doubt that when you look good, you tend to feel good so I’ve dubbed my Friday’s as such.

Look good, feel good Friday’s – 8/1/16

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