Look good, feel good Friday’s – 18/12/15

I have always enjoyed splurging on a new outfit every now and again and I now have good reason to. As my therapist noted, you could be feeling crappy and down but try make the effort to get out of bed, wash your face, dress in an outfit that makes you feel great and smack on that coloured lippy. The simple process of staying active by getting ready works wonders for your mental health. There’s no doubt that when you look good, you tend to feel good so I’ve dubbed my Friday’s as such.

This outfit is great for wear in a casual work environment or on a night out for some drinks at a cool bar.

I wore this to work and even got a compliment on my Valleygirl vest from a lady who was waiting at my tram stop. Thank you, kind stranger! That certainly made my morning.

See below for outfit details.

 Crop: Suprè

Skirt: Peppermayo

Vest: Valleygirl

Shoes: Rubi

Look good, feel good Friday’s – 18/12/15

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